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Husband was an Assistant Keene-Fort Worth Area Adventurer Coordinator. The Area Coordinator charged him with finding the least expensive way to produce a patch. That was 2002. In 2004, Wife was charged with transforming a young Adventurer's artwork into a patch design for an area campout. It was fun, and it helped the club save money. Husband continued to search for cost-efficient production of quality patches and pins at the best price for Daughters' club. Other club directors saw the pins and patches, and asked Husband "Where?" and "How much?" Thus was born. is committed to giving organizations a discount price on quality pins and patches. Cheapest price does not mean cheap products at We have no overhead, deal directly with the manufacturer, and understand the tight budgets youth organizations have. Just e-mail us your pin/patch needs and we will give you a quote that meets or beats the competition, and supply you with top quality products. Home About Us Contact Us Your Key to Saving Money Adventurer Products Pathfinder Products Forever Faithful 2014 Gallery Conference/Company/Geocaching Creating Your Design Pricing Resources