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Creating Your Pin or Patch Design Read the copyright warnings and disclaimers below. Sketch (or cut and paste) your pin or patch in a space roughly the size of the desired finished product, NOT an 8.5X11 sheet of paper. This helps keep images and text more in line with what will realistically be discernible in the finished product. You don't need to be able to draw. Stick figures are FINE! We're good at plumping out stick figures. In fact, you can just describe the images you'd like and we'll rough out a sample for you. If your design has been cut and pasted together using images which might not be in the public domain you must let us know so a substitution or serious alteration can be made (see copyright warnings and disclaimers below). Choosing A Pin Type Available pin constructions include: Hard Enamel (cloisonné) -- Cloisonné is the most traditional and ornamental material for pins. Imitation Hard Enamel (synthetic cloisonné) -- A popular alternative to hard enamel pins because of similarity to hard enamel material, lower cost, and fast delivery time. Stamped Bronze Soft Enamel -- Prices are usually cheaper than hard enamel and imitation hard enamel pins. It is an ideal material for 3D cubic designs or designs requiring fine details. Epoxy covering is optional. Photo Etched Soft Enamel -- A good choice for large designs or for pins with inlaid flashing lights. It is cheaper and lighter than die struck soft enamel pins. Epoxy covering is available upon request. Stamped Iron Soft Enamel -- Looks similar to copper soft enamel, but the price is cheaper than both copper and photo etched soft enamel (iron is less expensive and requires less time for polishing and electroplating). Silk Screen Printing -- No metal borders between colors. Printing set up fee is based on the number of colors involved. Material options are: A: Brass Material with gold or nickel plating (Most Expensive) B: Brass Material without any electroplating (Less Expensive) C: Stainless Steel without electroplating (Cheaper than Brass w/o plating) D: Aluminum material without any electroplating (Cheapest one) Offset Printing -- Best for photo-realistic pins. The printing set up fee for is for four colors if there is no metal border left on the edge, or five colors if a metal border is included. Materials choices are: A: Brass Material with gold or nickel plating (Most Expensive) B: Brass Material without any electroplating (Less Expensive) C: Stainless Steel without electroplating (Cheaper than Brass w/o plating) D: Aluminum material without any electroplating (Cheapest one) Glittering-color Pins -- For photo etched and printed pins. The area designed for glittering colors (chosen from 30 stock colors) should be large. Die Struck Copper (Brass without Colors) -- Non-colored metal with various finishing for options: sandblasting; foggy painting; two tone (gold and nickel) finishing; antique finishing; stain or matte effects. Various texture backgrounds are also available. Slider Pin -- A design with pieces that can be moved to different positions (see Texan with movable boots at left). Spinning Pin -- A design incorporating a spinning flat earth, flat ball, heads/tails, two different messages. etc. Or a windmill/wheel/ship's wheel with a different design on each blade/spoke/handle. Puzzle Pin -- It can be a small design of two interlocking pieces, or large with several portions. Moving Pin -- A hinged design allowing 3 different canvases: i.e. a bookcover and two inside pages. Flashing Pins -- LED flashing pins. Bobbing Pin -- A little spring connecting a small piece to a larger piece. Badge Buttons -- The back can be a standard safety pin back, magnet, or mirror, and can include flashing lights. A mold fee is avoided by choosing existing round molds of: 20mm/ 25mm/ 30mm/ 32mm/ 38mm/ 40mm/ 50mm/ 55mm/ 58mm/ 65mm and 75mm. Stick Pins -- Cravats anyone? Weis Patches And Pins @ www.TradingPinsAndPatches.Com   @ www.AdventurerPins.Com    @ www.AdventurerPatches.Com   @ www.PathfinderTradingPins.Com   @ www.PathfinderPatches.Com    @   Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability Statement The pictures and artwork requested or provided by you, the customer, and used by Weis Patches And Pins, to create a custom product for you, could have come from a number of sources that are not controlled or maintained by Weis Patches And Pins, or our patch and pin manufacturers. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to know whether or not they are authorized to use the pictures, symbols, logos or artwork content on the item that is being customized for them by Weis Patches And Pins. Any legal issues that might arise from the content that the purchaser chooses to have on their custom item's design is 100% the customer's responsibility, and Weis Patches And Pins will not be held liable for any reason if content is used illegally. Your pin die will remain property of Weis Patches And Pins, which can only be used for reorders when requested from you, or someone to whom you have given authority. This is to ensure 100% control of your pin design and how many items are produced during the life of the design. Comments sent via email or snail-mail may be used as a customer testimonial within this website. When sending emails or snail-mail, you authorize Weis Patches And Pins, the use of any or all comments made within the email or letter. Any layout changes, after we complete the design to your initial specifications, will result in additional design fees of $40.00 per hour to cover the additional time required redoing your layout and artwork. If Weis Patches And Pins designers start work on your design, and you choose to cancel the order, you will be charged a $135.00 cancellation fee and if production of your die has commenced there will be an additional non-refundable fee of $95.00 for the die mold. Your design layout will not go into production until you give your final approval and proof the patch and/or pin for layout, spelling, and color errors. The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all orders. (Prices may vary on content, number of pins and pin size.) Although products purchased from Weis Patches And Pins are normally delivered within 3 - 6 weeks, the purchaser needs to understand that there are no guaranteed delivery dates from the oversea manufacturer. Weis Patches And Pins will not be held liable or responsible for late deliveries or lost items. Because patches and pins are a custom product, they can not be returned for any reason. We will not be held liable for profit loss, cost, or any other reasons caused by missed deadlines due to shipping delays or any other uncontrollable events. No portion of this website may be duplicated without the express written consent of the owner, Alan Weis, C/O Weis Patches And Pins, PO Box 800, Keene, TX 76059. Please e-mail Alan and Christine Weis your ideas and/or designs and let us help you save money! Home About Us Contact Us Your Key to Saving Money Adventurer Products Pathfinder Products Forever Faithful 2014 Gallery Conference/Company/Geocaching Creating Your Design Pricing Resources *Hard Enamel (cloisonné), Imitation Hard Enamel (synthetic cloisonné), Stamped Bronze Soft Enamel, Photo Etched Soft Enamel, Stamped Iron Soft Enamel, Silk Screen Printing, Offset Printing, and more.