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Pricing... Please e-mail us with your design idea including the size, and number of colors desired and/or send us another company's best quote and the specifics of that quote (number of colors, size, etc.).  We will meet or beat that quote by up to 20%! With the American Dollar falling in value across the globe (and the cost of copper, bronze, steel, nickel, and other materials changing daily) price lists would have to be updated almost daily to keep up with the changes. Helping you meet your budget: Extra colors cost extra -- we’ll design your patch or pin with a palette limited to your budget. Size  -- we’ll help you select a size that fits your budget and keeps your design legible. (Pin) Type --  Some pins are better for graphics, some pins are better for photos, and some types are less expensive than others. (See “Creating Your Design.”) All things being equal, the least expensive pin for your budget may be a stamped iron soft enamel pin, or a printed pin -- it depends on your needs and design.  We are dedicated to helping you get the best value for your budget.   E-mail us your pin/patch needs and we will give you a quote that meets or beats the competition, and supply you with top quality products. Home About Us Contact Us Your Key to Saving Money Adventurer Products Pathfinder Products Forever Faithful 2014 Gallery Conference/Company/Geocaching Creating Your Design Pricing Resources *Hard Enamel (cloisonné), Imitation Hard Enamel (synthetic cloisonné), Stamped Bronze Soft Enamel, Photo Etched Soft Enamel, Stamped Iron Soft Enamel, Silk Screen Printing, Offset Printing, and more.